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The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (2013)


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     Kategorija: Comedy, Drama Lud@k 24 Jun 2016  Pregleda: 595

    Stitchers (2015– ) on IMDb
    Godina: 2015
    Žanr: Comedy, Drama
    Trajanje: 30 min
    Opis: Three actors who had played Doctor Who, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, are anxious to appear in the 50th anniversary special. A humorous look at the production of the long running TV show and the 50th anniversary special, with a plethora of famous cameos including Olivia Coleman who can't believe that she hasn't been invited to take part in it.

    Director: Peter Davison
    Writer: Peter Davison
    Stars: Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker
    Datum: 24 Jun 2016 | Category: Comedy, Drama | Comments: 0 | Dodao: Lud@k