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The Hideout (2007)


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     Kategorija: Thriller, Mystery malena83 10 Jul 2017  Pregleda: 36

    The Hideout (2007) on IMDb
    Godina: 2007
    Žanr: Mystery, Thriller
    Trajanje: 1h 40min
    Opis: "The Hideout" is a mystery-thriller about an Italian woman who moves to Davenport to open a restaurant. After her husband commits suicide, she spends fifteen years recovering at a Minnesota mental hospital. When she builds herself up enough to begin another restaurant, she discovers that a murder took place there fifty years earlier. She decides to investigate and finds a secret plot.

    Director: Pupi Avati
    Writers: Pupi Avati, Francesco Marcucci
    Stars: Laura Morante, Rita Tushingham, Burt Young
    Datum: 10 Jul 2017 | Category: Thriller, Mystery | Comments: 0